Monday, January 28, 2013

My New Zbrush Course @ Digital Tutors

Hello everyone,

My first course just went live over at Digital Tutors! Some of you have been asking how I create my digital sculpts, so I thought I'd make a tutorial to show you. You can find it here.

Original concept by: Dean Yeagle

I'd love to hear any input, or any course suggestions for the future.



Mel Milton said...

Fuwakkkkahdookie dooos! Congrats in lay terms....hope all is crackalackin

Jared said...

Congrats man!

Dave Wessels said...

Congratulations Shane, looking forward to more stuff! Yeehah! (rides off to sunset on horse).

T Waite said...

Hey Shane, Thanks for putting together such a great course I'm just starting it but running into a slight issue. It seems DT may have missed including the Dean Yeagle concept image. Looks as if I'm not the only one that cant locate it in the project files. Was wondering if you could post a copy of the image on this blog so I can continue with the course. - Thanks

Victor Postel said...

This tutorial was Great! It was the best Zbrush Digital Tutors Video I have seen. It really helped my Noob confidence.

Love your UI set-up, I Hot keyed my number row to the Brushes for real nasty speed :D

I really hope that your bring us more Videos. You must! \o/

itai bachar said...

One of the better ZB tut's out there!
You really know how to build a foundation,
Thanks and keep em coming!

Shane Olson said...

Sorry it took so long to comment, for some reason, I'm not getting notifications. Thanks all! I'm glad you enjoyed this course! I'm flattered!

@T Waite: DT contacted me to make sure they had permission to hand out the concept image. They recieved the permission, so they should now be distributing it. If not, let me know.

I made a new interface to share, I'll be posting it here on my blog soon hopefully.

Thanks again everyone!

zooberite said...

Dear Shane,

I am on the 5th tutorial lesson of the moustached gentleman. For some reason, I continue to receive an error message as I try to bring in the image under "Texture" as you taught. Please advise what to do? I can bring in other jpgs on my hard drive and then they appear for me to put on the "z" plan. I'm confused why this is happening.
My I say that I'm a tyro to zBrush. I joined digital-tutors after working with Ryan's group. His teaching methods are wonderful but in my case they were too advanced for my comprehension. On the other hand, I completely related to your teaching method and truly am excited about recreating my SunPower Kidz® in the movie I am working on. Recently your cartoon bird was equally magnificient. I would love for you to create a cartoon character with arms and legs. It would help me continue to model my characters which I will transport into Lightwave or MODO on the Mac for rigging/animation.
Thank you again for your incredible teaching ability. It's quite noteworthy.

Laurence M. Seitz
SunPower Kidz, LLC

Bernardo Cristovao said...

Hello Shane! :)
I just want to tell you that i loved this course, and it was soo useful for me! I would be very happy if you take a quick look at my final result :) this is the link for the final render (a quick render that I did in keyshot):

and the turntable and character sheet is here:

Huge thanks to you! :)

BrainDeadJoe said...

Brilliant tutorial, just finished this and have to say its taught me so much, great work Shane and thanks a bunch!

garvie garzo said...

i guess i am a bit late comment-wise, but i just completed this tut on DT and i loved it so much i wanted to tell you what a difference it made to me and my experience of zbrush. the new interface is FABULOUS; i actually look forward to seeing the screen come up now lol.
the tips on sculpting and how to really USE the brushes were so helpful, honestly, YOU are the first tutor i have found at DT who explains what and why he is doing something in a way that attempts to teach rather than serve as color commentary.

i am just about to start the cartoon bird and looking forward to that as well, and i am not even much of a fan of cartoons. but if YOU teach it, i swear i will try to sculpt it.

gush, gush etc. seriously, you made DT worth the money this month, and i hope you make many more tutorials.

here, thanks to YOU is my first FINISHED ZBrush sculpt: